This project is about reconnecting the generations together through the sense of classic games. Located in Federation Square, it is a gathering hotspot where visitors are immersed in a unique cultural experience. An aspect of diversity that may easily escape notice is age, children and young people nowadays do not encounter older people. The world is changing ever so quickly, children and young people may see the elderly as “out-of-date”, “out-of-touch” or irrelevant. Through the implementations of childhood games, it will mix the generations together and allow the community to be involved in each other’s lives.


Continunity is a project located in Federation Square that aims to reconnect the cultural generation gap of the young and old.

Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan


Section AA

This section is cutting through the building and Flinders Street with St Paul's Cathedral behind the building. It illustrates the connection with the generations through playing childhood games such as the Floor is Lava, Dalgona Challenge and Rock Climbing.
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