Moving the road inland between Skenes creek and Apollo bay provided new opportunities for memorable destinations to be introduced by transforming the existing urban conditions of Old Great Ocean Road, with a series of stops connecting the locations to one another. This experience provides a destination for people who love the outdoors and appreciate the importance of the natural landscape connecting both visitors and locals to the sensitive wetland area.

View of new infrastructure at River Mouth

This design aims to introduce new infrastructure over time including trails and amenities drawing people into the otherwise hidden wild dog creek area. The journey starts with a new lookout, taking advantage of the higher ground and framing a visual connection through a direct axis towards the wetlands, before drivers can stop off at the new carpark at Wild Dog Creek.

A view from the bridge

Trail Head

The journey continues with a series of infrastructure such as a Trail Head providing links towards new waterside trails along the creek to new amenities and rest area in the mid point of the Old Great Ocean Road trail.

A view of the amenities pavilion

The amenities building alongside the old bridge also provides users with access to the river mouth, whilst also acting as a permeable erosion management strategy protecting the land from sea level rise, storm surges and tidal changes.


The section cut through the site demonstrates the rising sea level over time.
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