Thank you for viewing my proposal for Apollo Bay in response to climate change impacts.

Creating a Vibrant Pascoe Street

With coastal erosion and sea level rise threatening the low-lying areas of Apollo Bay, it is suggested that the vulnerable parts of the Great Ocean Road (GOR) need to be moved to open up new opportunities for the town. Pascoe Street is proposed to be part of the future GOR. This proposal aims to activate the Apollo Bay commercial precinct and make Pascoe St attractive as the future GOR with more shops and restaurants. It will create multi-use plazas on the existing car parks between the GOR and Pascoe St. Locals and visitors will be able to immerse themselves into the town centre through the connected streets and plazas. The tourist town will be more cohesive, attractive and walkable.

Main intervention site - existing condition

This is the main intervention site on the south of Moore St between the Great Ocean Road and Pascoe Street. Currently, it is used as a car park. It is proposed that the car park is transformed into a plaza with multiple roles.

Main Intervention Site - transformed

This is the main intervention site transformed into a multi-use outdoor dining and shopping plaza. It will have multiple roles at different times of the day. On weekdays during lunch time and dinner time, these plazas will serve as dining plazas for tourists and residents. Car parking is not allowed during these times. On weekends, the plazas will be pedestrian-only for the whole day for outdoor dining and shopping; activities and events such as Sunday markets and music festivals will be held here regularly.

An Aerial View of Apollo Bay Commercial Precinct

Apollo Bay Commercial Precinct is currently "one-sided" - most shops and restaurants are facing the Great Ocean Road. This proposal will transform it into a "double-sided" commercial precinct. Visitors and residents will experience the diversity and multifaceted beauty of the town.

Current Land Use

Here is a map of the current land use of the Apollo Bay Commercial Precinct. The map reflects a need for more shops and restaurants along Pascoe St and for the existing shops facing the Great Ocean Road to be accessible from Pascoe St. Therefore, this proposal encourages dual shop frontage for shops facing the GOR and also promotes commercial uses for properties facing Pascoe St. It will make the commercial precinct more integrated and provide more commercial opportunities.

A multi-use plaza during lunch and dinner time

During lunch and dinner time, the multi-use plazas will be transformed into pedestrian-only dining plazas. There will be clear parking regulations to restrict car parking during these times. These cosy and lively dining plazas will be new destinations for tourists.
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