I am Harry, A student, forever student of architecture. Within the three years of learning, the visibility of direction has became vague, direction of architecture has became much more complicated than the initial thesis, I am a student for now, and always will be.

Night View of the ASC

The Accommodation supportive community is a community run emergency shelter for short term, mid term and long-term usage of those that suffer from unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, and many various reasons, it utilizes the “bomb site” of 388 William street and reactivate it by providing services to both the unfortunate and the social public.
The supportive community and its livable spaces aim to support local community with its community centre having classes and recreational activities hosted by its residents. The centre creates a space for the community and a way for the less fortunate to earn and way out of their harsh situation in life.

Axonometric view of the site

The axonometric view shows the contrast of the structures in a birds eye view, comparing the structures of the surrounding, also giving a clear indication of infrastructures built on site.

exploded axonometric

The exploded axonometric shows the two main structures interior design, arrangements of rooms and its living spaces, public spaces and social spaces.

Perspective from the entrance

Perspective from balcony

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