The name of the project is “Dandenong Regenerator”. This factory is designed to recycle and reuse some recyclable wastes, in order to solve the problem of waste material recycling and reusing in the neighborhood and city. The factory not only collect the waste materials from nearby factories and warehouses in the neighborhood by garbage trucks, but also encourages people bring their recyclable wastes to here and get cashback rewards, improve the recycling rate and cultivate people's awareness of the need for environmental protection.


This image shows the overall exterior of the project. The structure of the building is steel frame and concrete. The material of the facade is glass curtain wall and recycled plastic modules. The recycling function of the building is expressed in the recycled plastic facade. The facade of the building is made of recycled plastic modules. The modular design allows the glass curtain wall above, to easily intersect with the recycled plastic blocks below.

Perspective Sections

The Section A (top) shows the high bay storage area, pick and wrap area, material recycle area and first floor office area. The Section B (bottom) shows the material recycle area at ground floor, and office area at first floor.

Interior View 1

This image shows the first floor office area, standing in front of the railing, people can see the whole factory.

Interior View 2

This image shows the ground floor material recycle area. After the robotic arms classification, the wastes transport to machines by conveyor belt.

Interior View 3

This image shows people bring recycled wastes from their home to here, put into the machine and get cash back rewards from the machine.

Expanded View and Wall Detail

The Expanded View (left) shows the structure of the whole factory. The Wall Detail (right) shows the structure of the facade. For the plastic block, using recycled plastic to make plastic panels, and put bottles in the block, connect them together as a final module. For the glass panel, it made of recycled glass. All of these were prefabricated in the factory and fixed onto the steel frame on-site.
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