Intergenerational Civic Space explores possibilities of how Melbourne CBD’s elderly community can be meaningfully supported in society by transforming a traditionally closed-off facility into a transparent, civic, and active space suitable for residents, their visitors, and age care workers.
It proposes a strategy of intergenerational safe facilities to create a new shared space that reintroduces our older community to various aspects of society, and help people to reconnect with the others through its programs and facilities.

Perspective of special event in the temporary stalls of Rooftop

This render show how the visitors and the elder residents are able to react with the others by the events happening inside the space of temporary stalls at the rooftop of the buidling, which encourage people for more communications and interactions inside an outdoor space.

Overall view of Intergenerational Civic Space

Intergenerational Civic Space is a kind of format to be introduced to Melbourne to redesign for aged care services and multigenerational usage inside the spaces of a building.
It helps to develop new typologies that bring together different generations and reflect the diversity of Melburnian needs in the form of a mix of space and programs inside a building.

Perspective of gallery and exhibition space at the ground floor

This space has introduced a way to exhibit the experience of how elder people are being invited to primary school children to work together as a program, the artworks done by the teen, and collaboration sculpture produced by the teenagers and elder people inside the building.
There are mobility walls for handling artworks and the information of aged care service in the exhibition area, which divides the spaces on the ground floor when needed and allow visitors to obtain different experiences of spaces from time to time when traveling.

App interfaces for using inside the Intergenerational Civic Space

This app provide visitors a guide of Intergenerational Civic Space, and help them to navigate themselve inside different space of the building, plus introducing and reminding the visitors about special events happening on spaces inside the building.

Section and Elevation of Intergenerational Civic Space

A series of section and elevation showing the details of the space

Floor plans of the Intergenerational Civic Space

A series of floor plans showing the details of the space
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