Final 5th Year project for Dandenong Primary School led by Rachel Cooper's studio School Assembly. The proposal is a new deck & prefabricated shelter that aims to address the systemic issues in the current school layout, which were raised by staff and students of Dandenong Primary School through co-design between the school and the studio. The lack of covered areas, mobility access, seating and storage space around the school were all important issues to think about in developing the project brief in conjunction with using prefabrication as a construction method.

Studio Ghibli inspired drawing

View of the proposal from across the courtyard

Studio Ghibli inspired drawing

Interior view of the shelter looking towards the main school buildings

Prefab Shelter Assembly Sequence

The shelter structure consists of timber prefabricated components which are prepared off-site and brought on-site for assembly as a kit-of-parts. The utilization of prefab aims to keep the construction simple and improve the efficiency of the assembly process.

1:1 Prototype Detail

Junction of a prefabricated component constructed with 90x45mm & 45x45mm Treated Pine. Two M8 Bolts and Bugle Head Screws were used to assemble the prototype. Prototype constructed in the MADA workshops with the help of Dan Tanner.

Prefab Shelter Concept

1:20 Scale Model of an early design iteration of the shelter structure. Hand-cut in balsa wood.

Axonometric View

The project consists of two parts: the deck and the shelter. The deck provides a generous outdoor space for the school to use with seating, storage space and an integrated mobility ramp which doubles as primary circulation to the classroom portable and brick hall. The overall scheme includes the relocation of an existing shelter shed (previously located in the middle of the courtyard) in order to open up the space for more play areas and improved supervision.
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