Time travel bazaar is located in Dandenong south of Melbourne, which is a purely industrial area with a few hundred people. In the long run, the separation of the industrial suburb from the residential area is one of the most important issues to be solved. The goal of time travel bazaar is to provide an intersection between people, distribution centre and suburb, it develops its function as an international antique bazaar, exhibition hall combined with the distribution center. The potential of this project is to attract antique lovers and enhance the cultural atmosphere of the city.


Visitors will be able to find any vintage items in the bazaar. Time travel bazaar organically intersect functions between the public and private place, working as an ethical competitor of Amazon's distribution center model, which not only provides sellers with an integrated international sourcing channel, but also provides antique lovers with international products at discounted prices, thus strengthening the tripartite link between sellers, distribution center and buyers.


The main structure of the bazaar is steel frame, the cladding of the main facade is a combination of steel plate and glass. The heaviness and stability of the steel plates integrate the building with the character of the industrial area, while the glass connects the interior and exterior spaces in a unique way, while adding a sense of lightness to the building.


People who enter the underground bazaar seem to enter a vintage world through a time warp tunnel. Several fully transparent conveyor belts suspended above are the only connection to the reality world. Customers can see through the glass as the product is transported from the conveyor belt to the exhibition room, and once the item is purchased, it is transported to the packing area and prepared for loading. The process is fully transparent from the product arrived to the time it is loaded, increasing customer involvement and sense of belonging.


Customers who enter the bazaar through the side entrance of the car park could have different visual perception. The entrance is located at the center of the bazaar, an open terrace that provides excellent views working as a reception, allowing people to choose whether to go to the exhibition areas on either side or go downstairs into the vintage bazaar.


The time travel bazaar not only provides a large number of employment opportunities, but also provides a place for people to relax on weekends and enhance the cultural attributes of the city. In the near future, time travel bazaar will become a unique postcard of MelbournE, recording the industrial area and residential area without isolation, encouraging more and more visitors to learn more about the history and culture of Dandenong south, Melbourne, and even the world.
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