Eden Student Accommodation is a mixed-use building designed in response to the shortage of housing for domestic and international students participating in a tertiary or technical institution. The buildings architectural design extends out into the community and captures the attention of visitors from a distance. Crafted of Tasmanian timber, high performance glazing and yellow painted stainless steel, the accommodation building has a timeless appearance and durability in response to westerly prevailing winds within Hobart. Spaces have been organized, arranged and consider to ensure efficient circulation throughout the levels and a connection to surrounding views of Macquarie Point.

Exterior Render capturing main entrance

An exploration of what it feels and looks like to walk into the entrance of the Eden Student Accommodation building is captured within the following collage. The surrounding context of Mac Point, Hobart surrounds the accommodation building, hence revealing the projects connection with its surroundings. The provision of nature generates a tranquil environment, which not only has the ability to capture the attention of individuals walking past, but enhance their wellbeing and comfort as a result of this connection to the natural environment.

Sectional Perspective Drawing

The detailed section reveals Eden Student Accommodation’s main central point of interaction. The quality of the space has been enhanced through the provision of a large triangular glass opening that connects this lounge space within the ground floor with each and everyone of the levels above. The separation of public and private spaces is evident through the section cut through the basketball court and the contrasting accommodation rooms within the upper levels.
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