The following project utilises the strategy of water recycling and reuse in order to form a circular economy within the Monash University Clayton Residential Community. To curb harmful environmental habits, in collaboration with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, the project will embed sustainable routines into the everyday lives of residents. The design of zero carbon student housing will hence be made more effective with the support of residents and the continued education of sustainable practice.

Howitt Hall residential building retrofit

Howitt Hall will be retrofit with several water recycling systems in order to adapt an existing building and shift to a decarbonised precinct. The building will consist of a water filtration façade system that will respond to differing climatic conditions such as solar and wind whilst also retaining water for reuse.

Perspective Section

Through the use of water recycling systems, a subtle learning environment has been created within the residential community, ensuring practices are embedded even after residents move on. Systems have been implemented to lower carbon emissions and provide greater comfort for residents through principles such as evaporative cooling.

Green roof system

Rainwater will be collected through a green roof system which will then be fed through a water filtration façade for reuse. Other practices such as greywater and blackwater recycling will also be applied for maximum water retention.

Student bedrooms

Existing student bedrooms will be made more adaptable through the use of a removable wall piece which will double as a shelving unit. This will allow for more inclusive and adaptable spaces that can house singles, doubles and even families.

Storm water garden

With the rise in student living on campus for longer periods of time, residents will be responsible for planting and regenerating their own landscape through a storm water retention garden. This is one of many steps implemented through the retrofit to embed sustainable practice.
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