This project is located on the corner of Barwon St and Wattle St in Box Hill North and seeks to explore new approaches to residential accommodation for special needs older Australians. The Box Hill North site is highly accessible, with neighbouring facilities such as the Burgess Family Centre, Retirement Village, Preschool, The Box Hill Hospital, Haganeur Reserve, and a public carpark.
The focus of this project is to explore the notion of home and replicate that feeling for residents who will spend the reminder of their lives at the residency, whilst also providing them with medical assistance. This project envisions a sanctuary for residents which they can also call their home.

Site Plan

Floor Plans

The floor plan was heavily inspired by what a typical house looks like. The aim of this is to replicate the feeling of home for residents who will spend the reminder of their lives at the residency.

Exterior Render

Kitchen Render

Bedroom Render

Spacious bedrooms at the residency to accommodate for family members who have the option of staying overnight.

Kitchen Cabinet Joinery Detail

The kitchen Cabinets incorporate an electric lifting system which lowers and raises wall cabinets out and down in an arc-shaped motion. It allows wheelchair users to carry out everyday tasks in a easy and safe manner, encouraging increased participation and independence.
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