With a deep-rooted interest and genuine concern for the pressing social and environmental issues that regional communities and landscapes across Australia face, my studio work conducted this semester has explored the potential for architecture to play a key role in approaching societal challenges.


A house that acts as a peacekeeper for a large family on holiday. Making delibrate moves to cater to the behaviours and uses of space between the multiple generations of a large family whilst opening itself to seasonal visitors.

Multi-generational plan

In plan, Gen-House approaches the idea of mulit-generational family living with the family holiday dynamic in-mind. The plan does not shy away from zoning the various generations of visitng family and seasonal guests. Utilizing operable windows, sliding/hinged doorways, thick interior walls, various floor finishes and level changes. To help create a flexible and desireable living condition for all who will inhabit the house and the surounding landscape.

House and landscape

Along with catering to the multi-generational living dynamic within the home, Gen-House also allows its program to spill out to its surrounding landscape. The view above demonstrates how the house sits upon its landscape and connects through to the small creek that borders the eastern side of the site.

Living in section

In section, the house links and separate spaces to cater to the chaotic movement and engagements of a large and loud multi-generational family whilst providing opportunities for those who wish to relax to do so without disturbance. The house can simultaneously act as a retreat to entertain and care for a loud and active family whilst providing the opportunity for parents to observe their kids (or grandkids) from afar whilst they kick their feet up.


Loud and shared spaces to congregate, for family and guests to enjoy social events and share meals.


A selection of secluded nooks that act simultaneously as spaces for quiet alone time as well as spaces for additional storage. Helping resolve two vital problems that commonly occur in a large family home, lack of quiet spaces and storage.
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