I'm Eileen, a Year-4 student of Bachelor of Interior Architecture Design. This project is about an inter-farm market. In this building, you can get fresh food where they're grown in this market. There are 2 levels market, and 2 levels farm, an indoor farm and 2 rooftop farms. Customers are welcomed to pick the food off-line or online. There is an App for instruct customers to shop food and check the food grown environment.


This is an axonometric diagram of this 4-levels building. The annotation are noted with it's function and the space condition. the site building are aligned near the this project with light lineweight.

StreetView of the building

This is the building render of this project. It's shown the street view and the site context, in this view, we could see the ground level is opened to the street with no doors, and the market containers extend to the street. The second level keeps the exsiting solid walls with openning which allows air flow and natural light. on the left top level, it's mimicking the billboard where a big floor window with purple light glowing

Ground level render

This render shows the content of the vertical columns for containing those local organics, and local fish are breeding in this farm as well.

Warehouse render

In this render, it describe what's in the warehouse and the reflection of the glass facade shows the view of the organic columns.

Rooftop farm

Creating a landscape view which contains the path, flat farmland and farming box to do the farming. It also shows the upper level's irrigation farming view.

Indoor farm

This indoor farm has contained all the conditions for growing food. The artificial light, air conditioner for temperature control, and the water flow pipe on the ceiling. It has the vertical shelves for planting food and the planting columns, also the sunflower artificial light.
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