View of the artist residency spaces and community collaboration

Launchpad is a space for both artists and the local community in Glen Eira. It is a space where they can produce artworks on campus as well as learn from established artists to influence the next generation of practitioners.

Satellite Project Map

Launchpad is a catalyst project along the south edge of campus. Multiple projects will later be built on the existing road networks around the Caulfield campus to connect campus and community. Each of these projects will generate its own public artworks in collaboration with key community groups around Glen Eira and Stonnington. These artworks will then be placed out into the community and generate a greater catchment for the Caulfield Creative Precinct that Monash is currently establishing.

Program Axonometric

The project houses 3 connected types of space. Bringing together different communities and increasing the perceived value of art by placing the creative process into the public realm. These connections will improve community understanding of public artworks, making art more accessible and hopefully more meaningful to those that produce and experience it.

Long Section

The project sits above Sir John Monash Drive. During the week the road remains unchanged. However, it is closed on weekends during which the undercroft becomes a public space to facilitate events such as markets, beer gardens and community creation days. The artist studios remain connected to the campus and communal spaces. However, each studio has its own private space to allow the artist to disconnect and not feel as though they are constantly on display.
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