The Disaster Resilience Project

This project responds to the need to support communities in their disaster mitigation approaches through educational public spaces that double as evacuation points in an emergency. Each space is unique in it's programs and all aim to encourage passive and active user engagement with the landscape and Indigenous Australian land management practices to improve their physical resilience. The architecture orients towards the natural environment to reinforce that a holistic relationship between communities and the natural environment is essential to mitigating risk. The project uses architecture to foster dialogue around bushfires and climate-related threats to fortify disaster resilience.

Gadubanud Ampitheatre

A space to honour the underrepresented traditional owners of this area; The Gudubanud people and strengthen knowledge around their relationship to the landscape and fire as a tool to live within it. This is achieved through nature-focused mechanisms such as garden beds that showcase plants of cultural significance that can be set alight and material references to stone huts found in this area. The fire pit has the potential to be used for cultural ceremonies, story sharing and to initiate cultural burnings that could be carried out by the Eastern Maar fire Crew to educate local’s on cool burning as an effective bushfire mitigation approach.

The Apollo Bay Neighborhood Safer Place and Krambruk Pavilion

A town square and pavilion that provides opportunities for community endeavours while seeking to passively educate the significant tourist population that can become vulnerable in a disaster on bushfire safety and awareness. The programs of the intervention will evolve with the communities needs but often be a space to present Apollo Bay culture to visitors. Alongside the changing occupations are physical reminders of fires relationship to this landscape such as fire pits and fire-retardant plantings that create a dialogue around fire and therefore, reassert the primary purpose of a ‘safer place’ for individuals to retreat to if road accessibility is compromised in a disaster scenario.

Marengo community Gathering Space, Kiosk, Amenities and Plaza.

The Marengo community gathering space, amenities, kiosk and plaza provide the small town of Marengo with a much-needed community infrastructure to improve locals everyday access to amenities and social spaces, improve the town's visibility to tourists whilst simultaneously encouraging engagement with the landscape and bushfire awareness and providing a neighbourhood safer place to gather in an emergency. The architecture references the scale and vernacular of Marengo, whilst incorporating spatial mechanisms and materialities that encourage the user to engage with the natural landscape which has been strategically centred around the value of fire.
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