Dandenong Snake is a multifunctional space that features 46 concrete blocks. The winding form of the structure creates multiple flexible spaces, and the concrete blocks are of varying heights to allow for climbing and play. The ‘head’ of the snake consists of a net tunnel suspended by large timber poles which leads to a fork-shaped slide. Being a design-make project, the basic structure of the project can be easily constructed as the concrete blocks do not require foundations and can be made by casting into prefabricated timber formworks.

Dandenong Snake

Overall view of the snake. The snake is located between two popular areas of play (Vague Square and the oval), so gaps have been left throughout the snake to allow for circulation between the two spaces. The concrete blocks have purposely been made to be at a low height to allow for easy teacher supervision over the area.

Construction details

Construction details of the formwork and concrete blocks. The formwork is made from formply and features CNC cutouts of the scales. The panels are assembled via screws which allows for them to be easily taken apart and cleaned before getting reused.

Prototype test

Formply mould prototype made at half size without CNC scales.
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