My final exegesis explores the concept of preservation and enhancement within the spatial realm. Located in Oaxaca, Mexico the project draws from local influences including Mexican architect Luis Barragán and the work of artist Raul Cabra at Ex-hacienda Guadalupe. The inspiration for designing here came as a result of a six-week personal experience to Casa Colonial, a traditional Mexican building typology in Oaxaca. This trip has been the impetus in pursuing this project, which aims to preserve a space that protects the unique qualities Oaxaca is renowned for, while also generating a sustainable living for its traditional artisans.

Casa del Alma - Creating a haven for Oaxacan artisans

The rural Mexican community of Oaxaca currently faces ecological and economic challenges stemming from a lack of local control over its natural and cultural resources.

This research project explores how spatial design could preserve and enhance rural Mexican communities from the adverse effects of current ecological and economic challenges.

The overall spatial experience is one that respects the unique culture and traditions of Oaxaca by preserving critical regional elements whilst establishing an enhanced lifestyle for the artisans residing and working there.


Central courtyard

Corner shop


Casa del Alma, wearable artefact

East elevation

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