This project is a series of experiential moments along a new section of the Great Ocean Walk in Skenes Creek. The landscape architectural interventions tackle the risk of inundation and erosion and offer new experiences of the old Great Ocean Road. Three sections define the walk. One section reuses the old road and promotes ecological repair. Second, a boardwalk allows visitors to float above the water. The third creates views in land to the ranges and gives glimpses to the ocean. There are also 2 key public spaces. The lookout celebrates views of the beach, drawing visitors towards it through its form. The Rockpool transforms a carpark into a public recreation space which prevents erosion.

The Rockpools

The Rockpools is a public space along the new Great Ocean Walk giving visitors access to Skenes Creek beach, creating a place of rest and helping to prevent future erosion of the area.

The Lookout

The lookout celebrates the views of Skenes Creek beach from the highest point of the old Great Ocean Road in the town. The walkway, though initially narrow, widens to draw visitors toward its framing of the view. Additionally, the height of the structure increases to further accentuate the end view.

Exploring The Site

The project is situated in Skenes Creek, a town along the Great Ocean Road. As a studio, the decision was made to move the road behind the towns, responding to the increasing threat of inundation and erosion. This move created the opportunity to reimagine the old road and reconsider the public spaces of these towns.

The Project Plan

The project is comprised of three key sections of road, each responding to the environmental concerns of the area and creating specific experiences for visitors, as well as two key public spaces: the Rockpools and the Lookout.

The Walkway

The three sections of walkway each respond to their specific topography and environmental concerns, primarily that of erosion risk and future inundation. Additionally, each section seeks to create a unique experience for the visitors.
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