My project "The New Old" is a flexible, adaptable and all-inclusive domestic project for elderly / special needs. The project aims to provide housing and community interaction paying careful consideration of design that is considerate for any person of any capability.

The New Old - Street Interface

The image explores the interaction of the project with it's context. The project situated in Coburg, is surrounded by single to double storey brick and weatherboard dwellings. The design ensures that it is coherent with City of Moreland's required height and setbacks.

The use of brick and timber cladding is applied to blend with the surrounding context. The play of the brick such as the "home" facade is not just a decorative application but one that is used as a way finding tool for resident and even community members.

The New Old - Perspective Section

The section looks to explore the different spaces of outdoor, indoor, private and public interaction between built environment and site.

The first legend specifies the structural and material applications for the design. The second legend specifies the functional and programmatic applications throughout the design that consider flexibility, accessibility and all-inclusive interventions.

The Old New - Vignette

The image zooms into the key spatial interventions providing a human scale and interaction. It catalogues key moments that are considerate of different users and their abilities trying to create ease of use, accessibility and comfort.

The New Old - Education Hub

The community space, "Education Hub", continues to further elaborate on the notions of flexibility, adaptability and all-inclusiveness.

The space applies and open buildings concept in which allows the space to change for different functions through the use of operable walls, furniture and curtains to create openness or privacy when required.

Little Space, Big Opportunities: Housing Hobart

Hobart's Housing Crisis is current and future issue due to an increasing population and limited affordable development. University Students who reside in Hobart struggle to afford rent whilst studying and in many cases specifically struggle to find a place and those that do find it unaffordable due to rent.

The existing context of Hobart in which many existing dwellings contain a detached garage. The proposition responds to the housing issue in Hobart and also responsive to the pandemic in utilising an existing space to retrofit isolated and affordable living for students.

Further staged development takes into consideration how future development of the space beyond the pandemic.

Dr H J Foley Rest Park - Digital Site Study

The image is an observational site analysis undertaken without physically going to the site. The use of digital tools and programs provided clarity to produce a set of drawings that understands the interaction throughout place and space and the existing context of the park and its surrounding environment.
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