I have a keen interest in sustainable architecture and cutting edge ESD features.

View of the building from the Wellington Rd entry of the campus.

A project that aims to renovate an existing building at the Monash, Clayton and transform it into a Zero Plus building. Additional this project TESTS and fabricates organic facade panels to help other building achieve their carbon neutral goals and reduce the use of non-recyclable building materials. It EDUCATES users and visitors about Net Zero construction and how it can be applied to existing buildings. And finally, it PRODUCES more energy than it uses, making it a Zero Plus program. This is achieved through a new technology where the northern facade uses algae filled panels to produce clean energy. This process is powered by the Sun and consumes Co2 from our atmosphere.

Section with views of lecture theatre, new underpass & green roof.

Office internal view with double facade system and algae farm bio-reactor facade

The interchangeable organic facade will change over time as testing is conducted

Southern elevation view with the Monash Menzies Building in background.

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