With a background in graphic design, civil engineering, and interior design, my multidisciplinary approach towards architecture responds to context and narratives of social, cultural, and sustainable aspirations, and the meaningful intersections between design, fine art, and user experience.

The Conceptual Mapping / Speculative Narrative

The initial concept mapping forms a speculative narrative using the perspective of the two protagonists from both Monash Medical Centre and Monash University. This therefore underpins the research and framework used to contextualise the later proposal and architectural design response.

Architectural Design Response

Formed from the conceptual mapping, the architectural design response is broken down into four major interventions along the proposed bridge connection. Through this drawing we are able to better understand the relationship between the two precincts and how various programs are distributed throughout.

Protagonist Narrative

The protagonist narrative details a sequence of experiences along the proposed Innovation Spine. Each image seeks to provide a commentary on the urban aspirations of each intervention from the perspective of the different user groups.

The Speculative Impression

The speculative impression seeks to showcase the architectural proposal at an urban scale whilst highlighting the different moments of intensity and the synergies created with the relevant adjacencies.
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