Australia’s constant expansion and rapid consumption of material causes a multitude of waste problems that extend beyond the construction industry with global waste export restrictions tightening, where will Australia’s waste go? The project aims to incorporate inter-industry waste into modular building components; exploring potential design outcomes through the form of unreinforced masonry construction, accelerated by the use of advanced manufacturing. The project challenges the physical and aesthetic limitations of waste material through the development of an urban material strategy and construction system, allowing building components to work independently of a strict material composition

Cave Hill

The former limestone quarry located in Lilydale, with current development occurring to the site with residential and mixed use being a part of the created precinct. Cave Hill presents the focal point of the development paying homage to the former limestone kiln with its distinct form and materiality reflecting the area. The heavy limestone use reflecting the site in addition to the combination of inter-industry waste utilised with the system components.

Conceptual Approach

The premise of the project looks to the current state of our cities/industries and their associated issues. Australia must react to the modern material problem with inter-industry waste being abundant.

Composite Future

A composite future for materials which combines bi products, geology and construction waste.

The System: Typology & Application

The construction system formed through a specific typology and materially driven approach with the application of unreinforced masonry in a mid-rise setting. The system itself applied in construction through the use of advanced manufacturing and material innovations.

The System: Structural & Design Components

The elementals conform to the structural arrangement of the system, with the formal language of the design highlighted through the arch/vault structure. The continued use of advanced manufacturing and material innovation is shown within the elementals developed such as 3D printing, robotics.
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