Welcome to Little Society a primary school located in Yarrabah, a small indigenous town in Queensland. The school aims to support the Indigenous community of Yarrabah whilst, inviting all people regardless of nationality or socio-economic status. Little Society facilitates learning in a playful and practical way through optimizing the existing natural landscape.

Little Society - The Math Wing

The Math Wing offers children the opportunity to learn numerical values and exchange, through the familiar context of a supermarket. This experimental approach allows for a deep understudying of the theory of math and it’s a relevance in a wider society. The design has been crafted around the student, allowing the child to take control of their learning and respective environment. Additionally, I believe great educational design provides children the opportunity to learn both consciously and unconsciously. The design of the math wing presents subtle semiotic cues, creating unconscious learning through texture, scale, patterns and shapes.

Little Society within the landscape

The form that has been designed to house the school has borrowed elements from ancient indigenous symbols, for gathering, meeting place and teaching - all core values that can be communicated visually through the spatial arrangement of the school. The school has been designed to merge with the existing landscape, allowing children to learn nature's lessons everyday. “Children do not move, think or speak in a straight line, and neither does imagination or creativity. Reflective of this notion the Core, will have six playful pathways, each designed in unique and engaging ways, leading to its own subject wing. Including Math, science, arts, technology, language, and theatre.

Little Society Animation

Little Society promises your child an exciting future. We Teach them real skills, needed in the world and help each child peruse their passion and discover their talents. Little Society values play more than grades and assessments. We see the power in letting children be children, one with their land and learning through our most powerful tool Nature. Our school model enables real-world learning in a safe and controlled social setting, whilst responding to the outside world. Little society is about preparing our younger generation for a real world society.

After all as Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Playground Inside The Core

The design of The Core (the central admin building) was inspired by the circle- a shape in aboriginal culture which represents the spiritual and physical world, the centre of most things, and the cycle of living beings. Additionally, it symbolizes equality, physically as no person has an elevated position and metaphorically expressing the importance of equal opportunity regardless of background. The Core of the school begins around a tree. The tree is symbolic of life, whilst reflecting the interchangeable notion of growth and learning. This hollow centre, is home to a playground emphasising the importance of play at Little Society.

Little Society - The Creative Wing

The Creative Wing aims to teach and foster creative passion, a subject as valued as any other in Little Society. We offer children a wide variety of creative disciplines, with the Creative Wing facilitating, messy play in the sandpit, collaborative workshop spaces, floor or easel painting, outdoor sculpting and even a graffiti wall. The options are limitless, the goal of little society is to make children who attend Little Society, to feel invincible.

Little Society- The Science Wing

The Science Wing presents the relevance of this discipline to children through an analysis of nature. All elements of the space can be absorbed from the nature within the ceiling, to the trees growing within the desks of the classroom. By inviting the natural elements inside the classroom the biophilic design is guaranteed to increase students' mental stimuli, energy and cognitive abilities.
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