This project aims to respond to the climate change impacts in the Apollo Bay Harbour through transitioning the harbour’s land uses as sea level rises. New developments will provide the fishing industry with more economic opportunity, whilst giving visitors a unique experience, as the harbour’s unique historic and cultural characteristics are preserved and enhanced.

Master Plan Map for Apollo Bay Harbour Adaptation Plan

The Apollo Bay Harbour Adaptation Plan focuses on expansion of the fishing industry, increasing tourism attractions, whilst responding to climate change impacts of sea level rise and erosion. The harbour will be developed to integrate both fishing and tourism, with new coastal dining, a cultural centre and inner harbour swimming area to attract visitors. Car parks will be relocated and some golf course land will be used for new developments and an extension of light industrial areas away from the shoreline. The harbour beach will also improve the connection as the boat ramp is relocated and new pedestrian paths and crossings are implemented.

Transformed Inner harbour beach

The inner harbour beach will transform over the years into a swimming area. As sea level rises, the inner harbour beach will disappear under the water and transform to a semi-open pool. New breakwaters would be implemented to protect the swimming area and further erosion. New development including coastal dining, a cultural centre will be located behind the swimming area. These new developments would also have a limit of two storeys, in order not to to obstruct the view of the harbour and sea from the golf course.

Light industrial fishing development expansion

As sea level rises and with the threat of erosion, it is important that new developments for the fishing industry are located further from the shore to lower the threat of inundation and erosion. These new developments would expand onto part of the golf course land, however, it would not interfere with golf activities. Parking for trailers and boats would also be relocated there as it would be closer to the current light industrial area and future boat ramp. Design of buildings should also consider the character of the harbour and existing structures such as the Fisherman's Co-op. New pedestrian pathways would also be implemented to increase pedestrian access across the harbour.
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