I am an ambitious individual who just completed by Bachelor of Architecture who is eager to contribute developed knowledge and skills. In my architecture career I hope to develop design solutions that consider more than the built world, but also its contribution to society and environment. I want to design for a benefit, including humanitarian and ecological causes. The studios I have undertaken throughout my degree has helped me discover how I can design for this benefit.

Beyond Health - Interior Render

This architectural render has been developed with Rhino and Enscape. I have designed this super clinic for a refugee centre that my studio proposed in attempts to solve gaps in the healthcare system. Refugees tend to experience trauma and torture, as well as language barriers and navigation when coming from their home countries. Therefore, this design hopes to address these concerns through the programs and interpreters. The form considers ‘Beyond Health’ through architecture, which includes incorporating biophilic and sustainable design.

Beyond Health - Sections

This section presents the human and non-human activity across the building. The outdoor courtyard is the most prominent and is the space that these programs revolve around. The waiting area located near the sickbay is a space for education and nutrition, and is connected to the dining area above through an interconnecting ramp.
The bridge between the reception and the mental health facility is also a space for art, where cars that drive through are able to view works developed by refugees in hopes to remove the stigma and integrate them in the community. From the reception area, to the waiting areas, the courtyard, this space becomes a solution to healthcare.

Interactive Cleanse - External Render

This hero view is a design that aimed to improve biodiversity in Yarra river through an Aboriginal lens due to the negative impacts of the Monash Freeway. The values of the project are; community, generosity and knowledge. The proposal involved implementing programmatic piers across the vacant ramps of the site to help change the atmosphere of the unused space. This fishing/picnic spot is educational due to its reference to Aboriginal cultures. There is also a litter trap underneath the form to help clean the river. The program both cleanses the mind of individuals, as well as the river.

Interactive Cleanse - Section

This Long Section, scaled at 1:100, further presents the ecological experience in the river and portrays how the materiality and form will work together. As seen in the section, the bridge structure contains a net form above. This involves the eel trap, which is fundamental to the way of living near a river for Aboriginal peoples, and also the river tides that surround the landscape. The large dome feature is implemented for the internal experience of an eel trap, which ultimately leads them to the smaller scale eel traps on the side of the program. This adds onto the educational aspects of the form by presenting other ways of fishing.

New Bubble - Skyline Collage

Due to the unexpected outcomes of COVID-19, this studio involved developing an architectural project to a potential world, where rain is acidic. This studio taught me how to design in response to unexpected issues that could occur in the world. It involves building in high density while keeping in mind the physical and mental health of occupants. The project considers human needs and maintains them inside an interior form, bringing outside to inside. This collage represents the idea of living in a ‘bubble’. The exterior world seems dangerous and striking, with the constant rain and lightning. The buildings are full of life and greenery, and protects individuals from outside.

New Bubble - Renders

The renders present the solution of the built design that is derived from the topography of the site. This view represents the natural link to the interior world, through the use of greenery and timber for its thermal and fulfilling effect. This space almost feels like it is outside with programs that incorporate living, work, and commercial aspects, with a protectant glass wall. The green hub and bridges can be a transitional space for individuals to relax, walk or exercise. It also incorporates appropriate indoor air quality for all types of ecology, including humans and non-humans, to create a world where 'outside' still exists.
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