Throughout my studies I have always taken a strong interest in the way in which we can influence social interaction through the built environment. I’m always looking at how I can create spaces that help or hinder social connection, to push people out of their comfort zones, encourage them to try new things and most importantly, to create positive social experiences and change.


Deep_Space is a speculative space shuttle project that explores the future of mental health support in isolated and confined environments. Set within the near future, and based on real world technologies available today, Deep_Space uses modular magnetic furniture to provide a level of agency previously unseen in this environment. Users can create their own space, both as individuals and as a team, and change and reconfigure it as much as they please on their 180+ day journey to Mars.

The Wearable Device

Travellers also wear an advanced wearable device that sits behind the ear, which glows different colours to reflect the users mood. This portrays their mental and emotional state to their fellow crew without verbal communication.

Sectional Perspective

By combining an aspect of digital mental health support with physically enhanced user agency and customisability, this design proposal offers a new way to prevent intense mental stress and burnout presented by these isolated and confined environments, both on Earth and beyond.

Customised Crew Pods

A showcase of a few possible ways that the modular system allows the crew spaces within the ship to be configured.

Team (furniture) Building

Crew members working together to build modular furniture as a team.

Media Component

Audio Track: Kavinsky - Nightcall (2010)
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