The concept of the design is to redesign a Chuvit Garden into anew. RAYA Garden that can accommodate the situation of the COVID-19 and other forms of epidemics that may occur both in the present and in the future. I also want the RAYA Garden to be where most of the people can come out of their own residences and use the garden safely even during the lockdown.

Sharing Station

The Sharing Station creates opportunities for people in the public to interact with each other whilst maintaining a social distance. An open space which allows for an exchange of used books, or sharing of music, whereby the design can be rotated to allow for minimal crossover of spaces between people.

Study Space

The Study Space allows for an alternative working environment outside the confines of one's home. Surrounded by gardens and ample green spaces, this design strives to make the output of work more efficient by capturing the natural surroundings.

Sports Session

The Sport Session is a space that allows people to come out and exercise on their own. Exercising outdoors is more effective than indoor exercise because outdoor exercise gives users fresh air and much more space for stretching and exercising than in a narrow indoor room.

Showing Stage

The Showing Stage invites the public to come and perform or watch performances at the RAYA Garden.

Final Poster

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