Hello I'm Nerissa! I'm a third year student studying Architectural Design at Monash University. As I venture into this industry, I am in a position of enjoying the freedom to design and research in the course, allowing me to mend the relationships between humans and the environment. I am interested in conceptual ideas that relate to culture, leisure and public spaces as shown in my projects. I strive to explore more styles and techniques, whilst mending the social relationships in the future as I go along this architectural journey.


MITA’s existing lack of culture is a result of limiting connections to biophilia and recreational activities. Parkefacts Ängar is designed to regenerate an environment that connects to play, performance and arts in order to unite the community through leisure. The terrain encourages refugees to playfully interact with the general public, re-establishing a new culture free from their stigmas.


All 15 sets of play equipment utilises slides, rope nets, acrylic platforms, steel beams and cement as they replicate playgrounds that people are familiar interacting with. The manual captures the scenes of how users would interact with each piece. Multifunctionality is a result of understanding that adult and children’s bodies function in different ways and capabilities.


The intent of my project is to provide consumers and guests a space that caters towards the unwanted leisure time. The landscaping becomes a surface that generates a natural flow and interaction with the original site context. My project works on reconciling the residential and community space as well as giving back to the environment by being carbon positive.


“Raging Youths” challenges the question “does detaining a youth
enhance their desire to rebel?” The planting of the structure, proposes a
space that neutralises youth street offences like vandalism rather than
reform the current youth centres. This transforms the idea of rebellious behaviour into a therapeutic outlet.
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