Nhu Dang is an Interior Architecture student who is passionate to produce multitude architecture proposals that creates more opportunities to impact on our society in a healthy, playful and safe environment. As an honors year student, she has explored how can spatial design combat childhood obesity through increasing children’s physical activity at school.
In this study, she has investigated whether interior architecture is a viable approach in encouraging physical activity so as to combat obesity among students and also demonstrated associations between aspects of school environments and students’ physical activity to prevent obesity.


A multifunctional playground located at the center of Beijing No.4 High School. The design examines how outdoor physical environmental factors influence physical activity levels in high school students . In particular, how the introduction of different layering of ground surfaces, looped pathways, and the presence of physical activities equipment can all have positive influences on high school student’s obesity, risky play, and motor development. This innovative system aims to inspire play in the schoolyard, both inside and outside of school hours to enhance physical well being and social connectivity.

THE GYMNASIUM- very light intensity

Spaces are divided based on their user’s age and physical capabilities.

THE GYMNASIUM- light intensity

THE GYMNASIUM- moderate intensity

THE GYMNASIUM- vigorous intensity


THE GYMNASIUM- media component

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