Transportation connectivity plays an important role in developed areas. It increases the number of options for people to travel and productivity for the community. It's both a complex thing to think about in a developing area, but something to consider for improving the area.

Site Perspective

As Clayton becomes one of the developing areas in Melbourne, the most crucial thing to improve is the connectivity of transportation. Since the government has planned to build a suburban underground railway that will connect inner suburbs with the airport, it opens up opportunities for Clayton to increase their attractiveness and popularity, but unfortunately many residential and industry areas in Clayton are too far away from public transport access by foot. Providing e-hubs with charging stations for e-bikes, drone mail drop-off, changing and storage spaces.

Matrix of the Program

This matrix serves as a guide to create e-hubs in different locations around Clayton. I chose demonstration locations adjacent to main attractions such as Brandon Park Shopping Centre, Bunnings Notting Hill, and M-city Monash. The matrix will help determine size and combination of different programs for each location.

Bunnings Intervention

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