My work revolves around exploring how speculative design can be utilised to propose alternative futures that create conversation around sustainability. In my practice, I aspire to achieve an interdisciplinary spatial amalgam between futurism, sustainability and multisensorial narratives. My work opens up possibilities for further studies in the field, through investigating a plethora of avenues to establish a harmonious fusion between functionality, science fiction notions of transcendence and the need to construct a symbiotic relationship between humans and the planet.

Amidst the looming climate emergency and the destruction of planet earth, Year 0! speculates on a symbiotic future between humans and the environment. The project is set in 2100, on the water planet of Kepler 22B, where through bodily and perceptive modifications, the transformed humans called Planktonians coexist within the new landscape. The transhumanist Planktonians who live on Kepler’s Planktonic Bay embody the immense sacrifice of our bodies, psyche and lifestyle if we continue to remain oblivious to the imminent catastrophes we have inflicted upon mother Earth.

Rendered Plan

Shaped like an embryo and wombed by a ring, this plan illustrates the rebirth of humans into futuristic green creatures. Throughout these algae and mycelium pods, a series of bodily modifications are performed which include algal purging, eye and brain surgery and fitting of an apparatus that transform the humans into biophilic creatures.

Decomposing Earth

As our pale blue dot decays, the hope for a balanced ecosystem thereby extinguishes. The human race reaches the point of no return as they must seek refuge, resorting to exodus from our burning Earth as their sole means of survival.

Bodily Modifications

The Planktonians undergo a brain surgery where their nape is implanted with a surveillance device called the Ecologiser, a device that transforms the human psyche. They are installed with a tubular apparatus that becomes a vessel of biophilia, posing as the human’s nerves and veins, morphing the human body into a symbiotic organ. The contraption filters the algae’s edible nutrients like the human kidneys and provides hydration while filtering the inhaled oxygen like the lungs. This human transformation results in their foundation to photosynthesise, as they slowly transform into an element of the landscape.

Harvesting, Infusion & Bodily Photosynthesis

Throughout the day, the Planktonians work for five hours in water, ethically harvesting their life privilege on the new planet. The Planktonians polonise pollinate one another with the harvested algae and mycelium through a communal ceremony of infusion, establishing a foundation of internal regrowth. During the night they rest their eyes and bodies, activating internal photoreceptors that absorb the light from their eyes’ solar panel chip for their inner body’s photosynthesis process to occur.

Year 0!

The transhumans of planet Kepler 22B called Planktonians step into Year 0! They begin their journey investigating their transformed bodies within their new habitat.

Soundtrack: Pretending, SOPHIE, Future Classic, 2018.

Afterlife Decomposition

The Planktonian’s body biodegrades and replenishes the planet's ecosystem as a form of bodily sacrifice instead of their previous habits of planetary consumption.
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