Hi my name is Oshini. Over the course of my degree, I have been strongly interested in multi - residential buildings and how they can improve the lives of the occupants, in the circumstances or situations they face. In a sense what I would hopefully like to learn and develop my is how architecture can explore and create a community, over the conditions. I believe that multi-residential buildings transform the way in which a community can be formed and how users live their life.


This perspective illustrates the community that is formed within Unity in the roof top terrace showing how the activities can be used, and how community can be formed.


This diagram , showcases the communities formed within Unity , and where community is formed and shows the circulation within the spaces , essentially is created using and exploring the spaces by walking through them.


This shows and explores one of the types of apartments as Unity and illustrates the materiality and how occupants can use the space. There is also dimensions to show case how much space is used. This apartment explores the life of a couple living in this particular apartment.

SAMSARA - In a different world

This perspective image showcases how the city after a nuclear apocalypse would look like, setting Flinders Street at the forefront , showcasing not only the change and destruction of the event but also the change in culture and meaning of Flinders Street as being an entrance to the building , rather than the entrance to the city.


This section perspective showcases the life and culture of occupants after the apocalypse highlighting the procedure of getting out of the hazmat suits, going to the hospital , encase if emergency and up into apartments as well as enjoying the 'outside' life with vegetation, as well as being able to be in the comfort of your own apartment . This also showcases how life would proceed using sustainable energy sources to power the building to help build a future for people occupying the building.
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