Urban Mitosis is the development of an affordable and sustainable medium-density housing proposal to align with the current housing strategy for affordable living in Melbourne. The focus considers the internal spatial qualities that can enhance the development and adoption of affordable housing. Through the investigation of harmony between the internal and external conditions of a "home" in a post-pandemic climate. Using the framework of the interior architecture discourse, the consideration of adaptable modules is explored. Used to investigate the synthesis between functional, spatial, and experiential aspects of architecture with evolving social, demographic, and environmental factors.

Urban Mitosis

South façade facing Sun Cres. Urban Mitosis aims to answer the question ‘How can a flexible housing model inspired by an affordable housing strategy provide a design response that is sensitive and adaptable to changing lifestyle needs for the future.’ The final render emphasises the project's connection to the park (north of the block) and its incorporation of greenery that overlays into the design.


The site is situated in Sunshine, in the West of Melbourne. 112-116 Anderson Rd was selected due to its desired conditions such as its proximity, available land, parks, recreation facilities, and the development of Sunshine Station. Exploring design methodologies of personas, site mapping, and prototyping to create a design response for the future.


The courtyards are placed centrally, providing every apartment with views and access to the activated communal spaces. They serve as a modern take on the suburban backyard creating communities and fostering closer interactions and stronger connections with neighbours.

The varying combinations of different unit sizes, suitable for different lifestyles, encourage diversity similar to a traditional neighbourhood. The sizing has been inspired by Nightingales Teilhaus apartments, which in German means 'part of a house.' It aims to push how efficiently a small home can maintain functionality through joinery and flexible spaces. Whereby communal spaces can act as extensions of living areas.

Shared Courtyard

The shared courtyard created from the threshold space between apartments offers an opportunity for a vibrant area where community happens. The space offers a range of programs that can be utilised by the residents such as yoga and exercise, study nooks, and shared dining.

Ground Floor Courtyard

The ground floor courtyard similar to the shared courtyard has been programmed between the distance of the dwelling units. Larger in size, its use is to enter the apartments as well as invite residents to use the space for a shared backyard.

Interior Render

The bed module shows how an integrated furniture system can act as two uses. Being flexible in nature, it can transform the space into a sleeping/relaxing area and also a place of study.
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