This project is located in Seoul; it explores the underutilized under-bridge space in a highly populated city surrounded by extensive residential communities and educational facilities,but public areas such as parks and green spaces are relatively scarce. The main goal of this project is to improve the old site into a new excellent interactive space, to integrate the concept of pocket parks into the community inclusively and interactively, and to provide a new multifunctional space suitable for various needs of users of different age groups, with more emphasis on practicality and interaction of community residents.

A View From Seoul Pocket Park

It is a safe, enclosed community activity center that was created using the existing underutilized space to provide a place for exercise and recreation for the surrounding residents and children. This design is a new form of urban open space, an important part of the urban park green space system, and as a micro-environment in the city, it is the closest to the life of citizens. The new design is divided into three parts: sports space, recreational space, and shared space. This renovation replaced the original dark and desolate space under the bridge with a vibrant and energetic environment and further improved the living environment and cityscape of the nearby community.

Site Floor Plan

Axonometric Drawing

This exploded view shows the details of each space, as well as the choice of decorative colours.

Long Section

Seoul Pocket Park Render 1

Seoul Pocket Park Render 2

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