PACEMAKER | Hobart International Gallery Exhibition Center

Hobart, a city known for its natural comfort, is facing the problems of aging and economic lag. To retain young people on the island and further attract immigrants and talents, Hobart needs more opportunities to attract and retain younger residents. An international art exhibition center with independent art galleries is proposed to achieve this goal. While meeting the master plan of the city, the project attracts local and foreign visitors with a unique and attractive appearance. The project attaches great importance to human scale, considering the spatial quality and visitor experience of the design from the perspective of the occupants.

Design Concept Diagram

This diagram explains how the design combines the natural environment, existing conditions, and design concepts of the project site to derive the form of the project step by step. Due to the preliminary investigation on the current situation of Hobart city, the project will promote urban development through the establishment of an international exhibition center combined with independent art galleries. The volume of the building will be created in a step-like manner under the premise of maximizing the use of natural light sources. Many open interior semi-open areas are created, providing ample public space for visitors and original residents.

Exploded Diagram

This Diagram demonstrates the internal layout and function of the project and the experience of the interior space. The design of the space is aimed at creating an open and bright atmosphere.

Circulation Diagram

According to the circulation diagram, I distinguished the paths of different spaces and different users to better control people's flow according to functions and needs.

Aerial View Render

The image shows how the project is located in the actual surrounding environment of the project.

Night Render

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