Courtyard Perspective Render

The courtyard render aims to express the external and internal connection. The glass lounge bridges are linking different buildings and are connected to outside and views from the site. The moveable market in the courtyard aims to active the space for a range of users.

Main Entrance Perspective Render

The main entrances abandoned the red brick façade, and replaced with French windows, to maximize use of the greenery and get a wider view inside. The materials of the pathway are herringbone brickwork which is the same as the street next to it.

Public Exhibition Interior

There are three different exhibition areas within the project. This drawing shows the public exhibition area, which is also the closest one to the main entrance, that aims to provide a spacious room for exhibition.

Courtyard at night

The lighting design is one of the features in this project. The aim is to make the circulation and access points clearer and attract visitors during night time.

Connection to surroundings

The building is also connected to the nearby buildings by a herringbone brickwork pathway that guideds visitors to the project.


This perspective drawing demonstrates the site surroundings and the material use of the project. The key purpose of my design in this precinct is to provide a forest-like exhibition center which contains lots of greenery and vegetative landscapes.
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