In response to the fast-paced and ever-growing capitalist environment to which we are constantly subjected to, Lost & Found encourages individuals to slow down, reflect and resist the pressures of capitalism through silencing the outside world and turning inwards. The ceremony involves a walk through multi-sensory experience that stimulates the five senses and the mind as one explores the multiple layers and interchanging atmospheres of the maze. Throughout this journey, these spaces encourage play, rest and deep reflection. Therefore, in becoming physically lost within the maze, one can ultimately find them self mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The Maze / Lost & Found

Through providing a space where individuals can rest, reflect, feel, experience and play, Lost & Found allows one to pause life and essentially do nothing whilst gaining insight and perspective of ones current view of life.

The Journey / Lost & Found

The journey unfolds as one wanders through the maze, unbeknown to what will be encountered within the continuum. Lost & Found refuses the logic of the city grid as there are no set paths and encourages individuals to become lost while meandering through the spaces finding ones own way. The idea is to lose track of time and outside awareness to ultimately turn inwards. The spaces are designed with varying widths and heights which prompt one to slow down and take their time whilst observing their surroundings and self within the space.

Unassuming Nature / Lost & Found

The walls are designed to become more organic as one reaches the middle. The entrance walls are very straight and rigid but further inside they begin to warp and fold in, creating the interchanging spatial environments. From the outside Lost & Found is quite unassuming and unpredictable which makes the journey mysterious and exciting.

Large Moments / Lost & Found

The maze revolves around the three 'large moments’; the water space, sand space and sunken garden. In entering each space one is fully immersed in the multi-sensory nature of each element and can rest and recharge before entering back out into the busy city.

Small Moments / Lost & Found

The small moments throughout the maze that lead up to the large moments provide subtle sensory elements such as flowing water, darkness or filtered light within interchanging atmospheres and materialities.
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