My project looks at different ways the existing Faculty of Education Building located at Monash Clayton University Campus can introduce new modes of Learning and Teaching by creating connections between different disciplines by opening up the ground plane to the public allowing the wider campus to transition up through building and observe and learn the production of the works of the occupants in education building. The project looks at ways to deal with the existing structure that can create these large open collaborative spaces that reduces construction waste with the buildings on the Monash Clayton Campus.

Street Interface Section

The section illustrates the interface between the buildings edge and the neighbouring context showing how the ground plane of the education building is now accessible to the public allowing spillage of people in and out of the space. The performance space is a flexible space, allowing for also lecture theatres to take place depending on the designated day. Occupants from above can look down from their offices and collaborative spaces, creating that connection/cross pollination system in the building.

Short Section of the Building

The short section demonstrates the collaboration spaces between the different disciplines in the eduction building and what those specific spaces requires for the users of those particular spaces and how the ground plane is activated to the public realm of the Monash Community. The drawing also highlights how the carved open courtyards bring light into the internal spaces either side and how the the flexibility of the large open spaces can cater for different needs and programs.

Performance Space Perspective

The render highlights how the space that is now opened up on the ground plane can be activated for multiple programs like performance break out space or lecture theatre with partition walls closing off the space. Observers from above can be involved in the theatre while being in their collaborative or office spaces above.

Courtyard Perspective

This perspective showcases how these large carved out courtyards from the existing building brings in light into the spaces either side, as a melting pot for multi disciplines to connect together through conversions. There are three courtyards in the project ranging from a Wellness courtyard, Community Garden Courtyard and the other courtyard being a place for learning and teaching outside. The courtyards also play a role in the water catchment system from the green roof tops above.

Design Principals

The four design principals illustrate the design behind the project and the strategic moves that were made to determine how to create these multi disciplanery spaces for the Faculty of Education Building.
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