In response to growing population density, carbon pollution and increase in waste production, the ClaytonWorm proposes an interactive community program aiming to promote circular economies. Centred in Clayton, the main centre resides above, and throughout, the new Monash train station to ensure an impactful entrance into the suburb. Retractable ‘worms’ involved in plastic, paper, glass and metal digestion offer a unique and interactive experience to both visitors and residents of Clayton. By 2030, these worms will multiply and venture into dense cities, industrial zones, residential suburbs and the like in search of ‘food’-waste to digest and transform.

Mechanical Worm

A diagrammatic overview of the retractable worm system to be dispersed across suburbs. Powered by compact 'electricity-producing' anaerobic digesters, the mechanical worms are completely transportable and aim to provide a more exciting attitude towards disposal of waste. With direct community interaction, observation and waste-to-product exchange, ridding of house-hold waste becomes less of a chore and more of a leisurely activity.

Normanby Entrance

Entrance into the ClaytonWorm from Normanby Road, Clayton. Suspended waste pipes or so called 'veins' guides visitors towards the various recycling worms.

Normanby Lookout

The Normanby Lookout signals a memorable flagship to the ClaytonWorm amidst a repetitive industrial landscape. Offering an observation point for visitors to grasp their surroundings, the lookout encourages quiet, contemplative and total absorption of the centre's recycling processes.
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