Throughout the course, I have been interested in designing spaces that would provide a better lifestyle for people who are differently abled. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it made me realise how important it was to be socially connected. Some people with physical disabilities have to live through this situation every day without much participation in the community due to lack of spaces that cater to their needs.

It is my passion to use the knowledge I gained through the Interior Architecture course to bring about change in how the spaces are designed to not only look aesthetically pleasing but also be accessible for the wider demographics.

Universal Community

Universal Community is a project located in Altona North among residential buildings making it the only public space in the area with potential in activating social interaction to achieve a sense of community. By implying the laws of Universal Design and the aspects of a successful public space, I designed a community centre for people with mobility impairment. Since local identity can give people a sense of belonging, the history of Altona is embedded into the fabrics of architecture and design.

My intervention not only solves the architectural issue of accessibility but forms social relation between people with mobility impairment and the wider community.

Exhibition Centre

The design is a combination of wood and concrete to achieve a modern aesthetics. The walkways, glass display and the height of wall arts are all designed in accordance with regulations of universal design to be accessible for people with mobility impairment.

Self-organizing Space

The back end of the building houses the self-organizing spaces that allow the public to use the space as they like without it being attached to a specific function. The spaces are activated by the changing functions and patterns of people


Most people with mobility impairment have limited movement within the community as not all spaces cater to their needs. Therefore, the library acts as a space that allows people to spend time outside of their home even if it’s just by themselves. It can also lead to other connections.

Ground Floor Plan

The first settlers in Altona were a tribe called the Yalukit William (Aboriginal People) which translates as River Dwellers. Therefore, the river-like footpath represents the history of the river dwellers and to signify the importance of the history, it flows throughout the site with a pond at the very end of it.

Short Section

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