The motherboard is systematised like Amazon’s Dandenong South Distribution Centre. Without the power of advanced technology, the centre does not function efficiently. However, the constant need for efficiency has led Amazon to rely on technological advancements over humans, creating power-hungry company whose successful ecommerce processes are opaque. Therefore, in creating an ethical competitor to Amazon, I have adopted and tinkered with the notion of the motherboard to create a work environment in which existing technology is reconfigured to benefit humanity, not just efficiency.

A tinkered façade

The ‘on display’ façade of the re-circuitry distribution centre reflects the exposed nature of the tinkering culture involved in redeveloping e-waste. Unlike the traditional motherboard, which is encased and hidden day-to-day from users, the Re-circuitry façade and processes are to stand on display. All non-toxic materials which cannot be used in the maker space travel along suspended conveyors, making their way to the waste wall. By putting waste flows on display for onlookers and workers alike, the Re-circuitry Distribution Centre serves as a reminder of how technology can be used in a transparent and positive way.

Re-Circuitry solution to e-waste in Australia

The re-circuitry distribution centre was designed in response to the e-waste crisis in Australia. On a yearly average, 75.8 million tonnes of e-waste are produced, with 27% of that being sent to landfill despite being banned. E-waste is responsible for 70% of toxic chemicals found in landfill. To contribute to the convenience of Re-circuitry, drop-off points will be scattered throughout the city, adding to the currently limited supply of council provided bins. The drop-off points allow members of society to donate technological elements that will later be refurbished and resold, thereby providing greater benefit than a standard bin which will be sent to landfill.

Reconfigured motherboard

The internal layout of the re-circuitry distribution centre resembles the layout and functions of a motherboard. Tinkering with its inherent notions of concealment, Re-Circuitry aims for a Distribution Centre that fosters connectivity and transparency in all its processes.


By putting the processes that comprise Re-circuitry on display, Re-circuitry explores the complexity and hidden elements of the motherboard in relation to e-waste. Through an inversion of these elements, Re-circuitry creates a more purpose driven use of technology, establishing an environment that fosters shared knowledge, connection, and community.
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