In the capitalized world, feminism has been facing great difficulties to develop and is constantly misunderstood. For the past decades, people tend to believe that feminism is achieved if there is an equal amount of female and male CEO or any power position. However, it is actually a way to use the "successful women" as symbols of progress and dehumanize marginalized people.

In this project, feminism has been explored through the scope of witchcraft responding to anti-capitalism and anti-tokenism. Aiming to make every woman visible, this project is designed to celebrate ordinariness through four parts of carefully structured Wiccan ceremonies that happen according to the wheel of the year.

Site axo

QV is chosen to be the site of this project as the QV women's centre was once and has been one of the most iconic sites that support feminine power in Melbourne CBD. The project challenges the hierarchy of the male-dominated society by using abandoned space and breaking the existing boundaries in QV.

Long section

The ceremonies are designed to happen at different time during a day and a year following the wheel of the year. The ceremonies are carefully structured following the four main steps of the traditional Wiccan ceremony, purge, invoke, heal, and celebrate. Each of the four ceremony space uses a different type of crystalline stone that match the energy. Participants are required to go through all four ceremonies bare feet in sequence.

Ceremony moments

During the day, the participants are invited to walk through a designed water path, then move on to small gathering place to invite several women as the goddesses that they will celebrate today. The healing ceremony will happen around sunset. It is located at the highest locations among all four as it holds the most powerful part of the ceremony, which is to find the community and build trust. The participants will light up candles and incense followed by a celebration dance in the cast circle. At night, the last part of the ceremony will happen around a bonfire, where the goddesses will share their stories.
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