Sree Arun is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Architectural Design Program at Monash University. Her interests lie in conceptual design as well as illustration and graphics design, hoping to find her path combining architecture with illustration. Her aspirations revolve around broadening her knowledge on sustainable architecture and design, further exploring currently conceptual methods of sustainable building practices. Currently, her work, including architectural studio work as well as collages and illustrations, is displayed on her Instagram account “sreearun_”.

The Communal Meal: Hero View

Entrance of The Communal Meal, depicting tea shops aligned with the different cultures that the project celebrates.

The Communal Meal: Tea Modules

Diagram depicting the base tea module, as well as its adaptations, each celebrating different cultures through the common factor of tea and socialisation.

The Communal Meal: Private Kitchen

Internal view of one of the private kitchen spaces in The Communal Meal. This one is inspired by the South Indian "workspace" beyond the common kitchen, a semi-outdoor space with glass-less windows, where traditional cooking facilities are located and people come to cook together.
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