Tanah explores the underlying issue of loss and grief that has affected the mental well-being of communities caused by the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004. Through using contemporary intervention, the design focuses on commemorating the tragedy, as well as supporting the well-being of the community.

Sited in the North-West tip of Breueh Island in Aceh, the project encompasses two spatial interventions within an existing lighthouse: a memorial ground and an excavated museum. The two grounds serve to memorialize and preserve the memories of the past, by bringing communities together through meaningful programs to generate the continuance of remembrance.


Inspired by the shape of a tsunami, the traditional rattan entrance greets the audience into an engulfing experience into the memorial ground.

The Journey

Engraved names on the curved wall moves the visitor along the journey into the center of the memorial ground.

A Living Memorial

A memorial is more than just a monument, it is a space that utilizes social actions that generates meaningful interactions and moments. The center of the lighthouse provides spaces for gathering and coming together through social activities from collective memorialisation to traditional performances.

Underground Museum

An underground museum displays confrontational imagery to draw empathy, stronger correlation of remembrance to the tragedy.

Section and Elevations

A set of drawings that visualizes the narrative of the space.

Reflective Space

A space of reflection and contemplation, located at the top of the lighthouse.
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