Bush Trucker inspires a design methodology that considers connection to country, indigenous culture, environment, community and agriculture. It enables participatory processes with the intention of facilitating educational opportunities, allowing children as the audience to engage in both the process and outcome of interior architecture.

An Overview

The intended built outcome at each site would be an ephemeral structure. This responds to both the ecological sensitivities my project demands as well as aligning with analogies in regenerative agriculture. Allowing the children to design and create their own structures using a 10 x 10 grid system encourages them to understand how spatial design can improve their land.

Truck Travel Route

As the truck travels around Australia it will collect, plant and build structures at the nominated sites. A process that will assist in regenerating Australian soils through increasing greenery in our landscape.

Instructional Kit

This kit will be distributed to each student before the truck visits them. It contains a set of instructions, a block grid board and examples of different joints and fabric. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy in which children are seen as competent decision-makers and learn from their environment, I view my role as the designer to direct this kind of education in my projects. It encourages experimentation, challenges communication and decision making skills and learning through play. Ultimately aiming to construct their own design - fulfilling the aim of this project.

Ephemeral Structure

The completed structure will host communal dining spaces and educational space over a period of 2-3 months. When the food truck is scheduled to move onto the next school the fabric is designed to decompose back into the soil. The timber frames will be deconstructed to make a garden bed for the children to plant the native produce that they have been cooking with in the food truck.


An Instagram page was created to promote my own original recipes using native Australian ingredients trying to target the younger audience and teach them how to cook with local food and influence diverse produce into their daily diet.

Food truck kitchen

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