The area around the site Macquire Point in Hobart had very few schools within the 5km radius. Macquire Point School is a primary and secondary school with an outdoor sports area, a well-equipped library, computer labs, a large school hall, a gym, a cafe, and various classrooms. The project uses brick as the primary material due to its link with the surrounded buildings, as seen from the site analysis.

Macquarie Point School's link to urban space

School Macquarie point sits on Parcel 3 Promedande West. It is a primary and secondary school for the people of that area with a well equipped public use outdoor sports area.

Render 2

The render shows the link between the Macquarie Point Parcel 3 School building and the surrounding urban space on the ground floor.

Site Analysis of Surrounding Brick Buildings

The key landmarks around the site have brickwork (highlighted in red) that is used in different ways and adds to the aesthetics and character of the site. Not only that, brick is cost-effective, clean natural material that does not impact the environment is durable and helps to reduce energy consumption.

Floor plans

Front Elevation and Section A

The front elevation shows the strategic use of glass panels and different sized windows, which helps create the illusion of how small or large the rooms and spaces inside are, and it also helps to make the indoor spaces bright. Section A shows the connection of the school auditorium to the first floor and the outdoor area.

Perspective Section though the school auditorium

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