Hegel House - “Our prosperity is coupled with nature’s”. The effects of human consumption and the exploitation of the environment is no longer deniable. Our homes have played a significant part in creating disconnection, a lack of awareness of the rapidly deteriorating environment. This project intends stand as an example of how our built environment can foster a connection to both the natural environment as well as each other.

The site-specific context of this project demands a built form that responds to its dialectic relationship to the environment, in particular its exposure to fire and flood.


The proposal is centred around a massive rammed earth wall. The circular courtyard provides a sheltered moment of arrival and access to both the main house and contained apartment. Framed views are oriented to negate some of less desirable, surrounding built forms whilst minimal hard property boundaries encourage connection to the nearby creek and grasslands.

Organising Parti

Primarily this project serves as a home for the client and their family. A massive rammed earth wall provides protection from bushfire in a BAL29 rated zone. It has been raised to avoid inundation in response to the relevant flood overlays. A low profile has been adopted to limit visual impact on neighbouring properties. A self contained apartment has been included to provide short stay rental income. Framed views mitigated the less desirable surrounding built forms.

Hegel House

A speculative proposal for a bushfire resistant home that encourages connection to each other and the environment. A synthesis of the dialectic context of the property responding to likelihood of both bushfire and flood, in a rapidly deteriorating climatic context.

Hegel House


Hegel House_ Penultimate presentation

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