Melbourne is best known for its multicultural food cuisine. The food promotes the diverse culture within the city. My proposal is a culinary arts gallery that would bring a new face to the diverse nature of the food industry. The project itself blends between the dark kitchen with the making of edible food sculptures produced by the artist chefs and offer exclusive food arts to the city specifically to the hardware lane which is my site. The project offers a chance for public to participate the creation of food arts with the artists as well as offering a range of culinary galleries, exhibition to explore.

Axonometric View

By utilizing the system Momentary Split, the two horizontal bars facing Hardware Lane and Bourke St split the vertical tower and appears floating on top of the site which is the car park. Each built form is split by the green spaces vertically and horizontally. 2 dark kitchens and galleries operate in the horizontal bars for public while the tower provides temporary accommodations for the artist chefs and delivery partners.

Concept System (Momentary Split)

The system is derived from the findings of building elements within the CBD. The curved curtain wall offers an alternative pathway thus resulting a split in the journey from Exhibition St to Collin St. The System diagram generates different atmospheres to 2 split paths.

Perspective view with the city context

The project fully expressed verticality alongside with the towers in the city and splits by the two horizontal bars emphasised by expressed structures spanning into two different directions of the city.

Plan & Diagrams

The circulation weaves around the spaces, maintains monetary splits and generates different experiential qualities between internal courtyard, culinary studio, gallery and dark kitchen.

Detailed Plan

The articulated void space initiates the starts of the splits. Firstly, it splits the city with the view to the Hardware Lane. Moving forward, it provides choices to explores spaces that offer different experiential qualities which can be referred to the system diagram.

Detailed Section

The split level occurs and its then connected through the ramp. The greeneries split the form creating an internal exhibition courtyard at a lower level and splits the above dark kitchen in the horizontal built form.
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