Hi! I’m Tiffany. I have a strong interest in multi-residential and public architecture and how considered design can improve the daily lives of users.
My projects have explored architecture through a socio-spatial lens. I believe public architecture has the ability to be socially transformative, acting as a vehicle for cultural exchange and discourse.
My final semester's project 'Parkefacts' allowed me to hone my critical thinking skills surrounding present social issues and seeks to propose architectural realisations in often unorthodox ways. It combines leisure with culture through its connection of informal play spaces to the natural landscapes and wider MITA context.

Parkefacts Play-vilion Section

This section reveals the layering effect and cross-communication between floors. Each element is not independent but rely on it's surrounding to form a structure which hosts various forms of play and areas for contemplation and leisure.

Parkefacts Play-Vilion Elevation

Revealing the context that the Play-Vilion sits in, the final design continually aims to relate back to surrounding infrastructure and enrich the space with dense pockets of interaction.

Play-Vilion Structure Detail

This diagram seeks to highlight how the concept is explored through architectural material. Displaying the steel frame as not only structural but also serving as a medium for suspension of equipment and aesthetic, this highlights the concept of adaptability behind the proposal.
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