Hello, I’m a Monash Architecture Third Year student interested in site specific, environmental and sustainable architecture. Throughout my degree I have focused on atmospherics and representation in my work as well as incorporating a multidisciplinary approach with contributions from landscaping and interior design fields.

Cultural Eatery Perspective

A key perspective of the building designed for the enhancement of the Preston Market in Melbourne, functioning similarly to a street food market but focusing on an exchange of culture through food.
The building sits in a large ecological patch, at the end of an urban green corridor, re-vegetated by the community from a previous car park as a part of my proposal.

Cultural Eatery Section

This drawing focuses on materials and intended activities to give a sense of the community atmosphere created. Also to demonstrate the sharing of cultural foods through talks, cooking workshops and growing or planting culturally significant plants.

Cultural Eatery Plan

The plan highlights the spatial design intended to create space for the presentation required in cultural talks or workshops. Operable wall panels and skylights are used to create an open and communal feel and an extraction system is implemented to manage the heat of cooking.

Connection to Country Diagram

The diagram explores methods that the proposal uses to connect people to cultural interpretations of country. This is mixed with demographic information about the high level of cultural diversity in the surrounding suburb and a historical mapping of water use and building footprints.
Together these give a picture of the cultural heritage of the site and how my proposal responds to it.

Water Systems Diagram

My proposal engages with the water systems of the site to create new ecologies of plant and animal life and enhance biodiversity. What was previously an asphalt car park is transformed into a vibrant set of ecologies and systems that bio-filter and utilise storm water runoff.

Water System Sketch Map

Made through observations while walking the area, the sketch map demonstrates the Merri Creek to which my proposal connects through an urban green corridor. This inspired many design decisions around water systems and ecologies, and the infrastructure that supports them.
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